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The wcb was founded in 2012 and currently offers customers pay monthly (“PAYM”) or pay-as-you-go (“PAYG”) mobile contracts. These contracts are competitively priced and allow users to direct 10 percent of their monthly bill to a cause they choose, at no cost to themselves. In addition, The TPO Foundation, a UK registered charity, will receive 25 percent of WCB’s UK trading profits. A similar structure is proposed to be adopted in other countries as WCB expands globally, starting with a launch in the United States in 2020.


The Group’s strategy is to maintain a low fixed-cost base, small staff numbers and lower levels of advertising and marketing than its competitors. This strategy is expected to enable the Group to offer customers a highly competitive pricing model with a high quality of service, whilst generating an attractive return to shareholders after donations to causes.

WCB has developed partnerships with community organisations and causes who promote WCBs products to their supporters. Under the direction of Michael Hass, the founder of the online retailer NoHassleMobilePhones.com, the Company is also developing an online viral community to expand the global network of mobile phone customers who share in the common belief of supporting causes.