Club Affiliation

This document aims to outline the many benefits and support packages available to clubs through affiliating to Worcestershire Cricket Board Limited (WCBL).  Affiliating to Worcestershire Cricket also enables your club to gain affiliation to the ECB, opening many national as well as local offers from your governing body.

We’ve listened to your feedback and we are trying to make affiliation as simple and bureaucracy free as possible.  As a result we have created a system whereby you have access to your details and can update them at any point throughout the year.  So if you have a change in the committee you can quickly and easily log in to the system and update your contact details, ensuring your club are not missing out on the latest offers from ECB and Worcestershire Cricket.  To login to the system please click here:

The system should be quicker and easier for you to update as it should pull down all of last year’s contact information for you.  However, it is important you check and update your contact information regularly.  You will need to update certain fields as a bare minimum in order to proceed with your affiliation, this will assist us contact the right person from your club.  The deadline for uploading your information and paying for your affiliation is 30th March.

The system will also be used for nominations, club competition entries and course bookings, which many of you will already have used.  Should you have any queries on how to use the system please do not hesitate to contact us in the office, or FusionQ direct where we will be happy to assist you.

Your Affiliation Packages…

Your club will be allocated to a specific category of affiliation, which is dependent upon your location and whether or not your club has achieved Clubmark accreditation:

Clubmark Accredited Clubs:        £125

Primary Affiliated Clubs:             £95

Secondary Affiliated Clubs:         £75